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Who we are

Passionate about the development of people it has always been an aspiration to create a vehicle for delivering support through mentoring, training and coaching to those looking to improve and thrive at whatever they choose to do but especially for those in business.

The Business Improvement Group is enabling me to do that very thing.

business improvement group ian skinner

Utilising my 35 years of managerial experience taken from working within large corporates, running SMEs turning over £5M- £10m and then having started and raised six different businesses I believe this makes me ideally placed to offer guidance and support to small and medium sized businesses and just about anyone else looking to find ways of improving their business lives and I believe that it is only through experience that knowledge is gained.

Mentoring is not about what I get from others its about what others get from me.

What's the "B I G" idea ?

The Business Improvement Group or “B I G” as we would like to become known has been spawned from over 30 years of business successes and failures.

The B I G idea is to provide a support service to start ups, relatively new businesses and those businesses struggling to move to the next level or scale up and grow their business.

Its secondary idea is to provide support to existing businesses that may not have the expertise or resource to provide support, guidance and training for the continued development of its management team. Of special interest is that of supporting Franchises and its franchisees where consolidated and consistent training is vital for all and is available in groups or on a one to one basis. Discounted rates are available for group memberships.

Many new businesses are started for many different reasons and with many different motivations but all have one common goal – success! Success means different things to different people and it will help if you have a clear understanding of what success looks like so that you will know when you’ve achieved it.

So, how is success achieved?

  • Start with an idea
  • Carry out some research
  • Formulate a plan
  • Surround yourself with good people
  • Start work
  • Review and adapt

How can the B I G team help?

  • Through providing answers and solutions to questions you can’t answer yourself – after all, you don’t know what you don’t know!
  • Through providing access to advice and leadership
  • Through helping you to set goals, to monitor and to review
  • To challenge and question
  • Through providing access to Mentoring, coaching and skills development opportunities that ordinarily might not be within reach
  • Through exposing you to a large and affordable support network
  • Through introductions to new ideas and people with multi layered experience
  • Through exposure to a wider networking community and the endless opportunities for new works.

How will this be delivered?

Regular events – designed to deliver top tips and golden nuggets of information to assist and support business owners and leaders, to measure interest and to gauge what needs are most prevalent.

By establishing a general consensus about what and how B I G can be of most help.

To provide an example of learning and what this would mean to each member.

Ultimately to establish a platform for mentorship and support.

All those signing up to the mentor programme will receive a future one to one consultation to establish specific support and possible development needs from which a Personal Improvement Programme (P I P) will be designed.

All mentees will ultimately become Premium B I G Members (in development stage).

Those that do not sign up for mentorship but sign up to group membership will become B I G team members (under development).

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